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Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition for Secondary School Li LaoShi 李老师


Welcome To Ms. Li (Li LaoShi 李老师) Higher Chinese Tuition

Ex-MOE SAP school teacher with 16 years of teaching experience. Graduated from RJC, NUS and NIE. Majored in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies. Specializes in Higher Chinese Tuition for Secondary School students and small group Chinese tuition using proprietary teaching methods and materials.

Group tuition encourages peer-to-peer, interactive learning and brainstorming of ideas. Lessons are tailored to every individual’s unique learning style and learning pace.

Private Chinese tuition can be helpful for students who are struggling with the subject. When it comes to learning and improving Chinese language, finding the right tutor with the relevant teaching experience is very important. Ms. Li only provides group tuition for Higher Chinese (Secondary School Students).

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ABOUT MS. LI (Li LaoShi 李老师)

Driven by her passion for teaching, Ms. Li has pursued her interest in passing knowledge and skills to the younger generation since her university years. She graduated from NUS with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies and decided to pursue a career in education. After graduating from the National Institute of Education (NTU), she taught Higher Chinese at a prestigious Special Assistance Plan (SAP) secondary school for almost eight years.

Special Academic Achievement

After her A-Levels, Ms. Li was granted a MOE Teaching Award which enabled her to join the Singapore National Institute of Education (NTU) to further develop her abilities as a teacher.

Professional Teaching Experience

With her graduation from NIE, Ms. Li began her professional teaching career at a local SAP Secondary School. After 8 years teaching in government Secondary School, Ms Li started her own tuition classes, specialzed in Higher Chinese (Secondary).

Education Background

Ms. Li graduated from Raffles Junior College and the National University of Singapore, majoring in Chinese Studies and Chinese Language. Thereafter, she began her teaching education with the Singapore National Institute of Education and graduated with the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. Since graduation, Ms. Li taught Higher Chinese classes in a local Special Assistance School (SAP) for 8 years. She is currently a full-time tutor.

Private Higher Chinese Tuition
Private Higher Chinese Tuition

Expertise in Group Tutoring

Ms. Li (Li LaoShi 李老师) specializes in tutoring “O” Levels Higher Chinese and IP School Higher Chinese. She has in-depth knowledge of the Chinese syllabus from her professional teaching experience and provides students with her own course materials.

This includes lectures, guides and worksheets. She also imbues the Chinese culture into her classes and thereby allowing students to fully appreciate learning the Chinese language. In addition, she encourages students to think independently and tailors her teaching to individual students.

As Featured in Channel 8

Ms. Li was invited onto Channel 8’s Chinese news programme “狮城有约: 十分访谈” as an expert to talk about “谁是学校恶霸”(How to spot a bully in school) and “如何帮助受欺凌的學生” (How to help students who are bullied in school). “狮城有约: 十分访谈” is the top grossing local Chinese news programme that is aired on Channel 8 every Monday –Friday 06:30pm to 07:30pm. During the interview, she shared about her experience in dealing with school bullies as an educator and how to help students who are bullied in school.