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Ms. Li (Li LaoShi 李老师) Higher Chinese Tuition Classes!

Chinese Tuition for Secondary School

Learning is never-ending journey. Ms. Li is a full-time Higher Chinese Tutor in Singapore. She is committed in providing Chinese Tuition for Secondary School and language coaching par excellence. Ms. Li (Li LaoShi 李老师) conducts Higher Chinese tuition classes at her place, and specializes in Higher Chinese tuition for Secondary School Students.

Private Higher Chinese Tuition for Secondary School

More about Ms. Li

Over 16 years of experience and fuelled by passion, Ms. Li delved herself into providing Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Ms. Li has outstanding teaching qualities which makes her the preferred and recommended Higher Chinese tutor for Secondary School in Singapore.

Academic Accomplishments

Ms. Li graduated from Raffles Junior College and the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Chinese Studies. She also possesses a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary School).

Special Academic Achievement

Ms. Li earned a MOE Teaching Award after her A’ Levels, allowing her to enroll in the Singapore National Institute of Education to further her teaching skills.

Professional Exposure

After graduating from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Ms. Li taught Higher Chinese at a local prestigious Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Secondary School for close to eight years. Ever since then, Ms. Li pursued her passion and continued providing private Chinese tuition for students in Singapore.

Her Strengths

Ms. Li has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Mandarin Chinese and is adept at providing Mandarin Tuition. Ms. Li is also outstanding in teaching O’ levels Higher Chinese and IP School Higher Chinese. After accomplishing the adequate qualifications and teaching at various institutions, not only did Ms. Li gained the relevant knowledge and teaching experience, she also learnt about the intricacies of Chinese language. All of these teaching experience enables Ms. Li to guide her student in mastering the Chinese language. Some of Ms. Li’s teaching traits are-

  • Flexible Teaching Methodology: Ms. Li’s believes that every student is unique. Her teaching methods are flexible and she will try to understand each student’s weakness and learning ability and frames her lessons accordingly.
  • Professional Teaching Techniques: Ms. Li has professional teaching experience and provides students with adequate course materials required to learn the language and excel in it. 
  • Strong Communicator: Ms. Li is an excellent tutor in order to deepen her students’ understanding and knowledge on the topic, she always goes the step extra mile.
  • Patient & Adaptable: With her teaching experience in Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Secondary School, Ms. Li has developed a strong sense of patience with her students. Ms. Li is adaptable and is an effective tutor who listens to her student’s difficulties and adjusts her teaching plans accordingly.
  • Professional Experience: Ms. Li has experience of more than 16 years of and knows the intricacies of the Chinese language and the technique to make the students pick up the language easily. 
  • Stayed updated with current affairs: Our world is changing fast, Ms. Li believes that it is necessary to elevate students’ awareness of current affairs for them to understand more about the environment that we are living in. Hence, Ms. Li discusses relevant topics with students and equips them with critical thinking skills.