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In Singapore, Chinese language holds great significance since it is the second most commonly spoken language after English. It is an essential language for business, cultural, and social purposes. Therefore, having a good command of the Chinese language can be beneficial for students in their future careers and personal lives. Higher Chinese tuition in Singapore is a popular option for students who are looking to improve their skills in the Chinese language. This is especially important for non-native speakers who may not have grown up speaking the language.

Private Tutor Higher Chinese Singapore

For students who are not proficient in Chinese, tuition can help them to develop basic language skills. Even for students who are already proficient in Chinese, tuition can help them to improve their language skills and develop a deeper understanding of the language. This is especially important for students who are studying higher-level Chinese subjects, such as literature or Chinese as a second language. If you are looking for a Chinese tutor in Singapore, here are the top five Chinese tuition options in Singapore.


Ms Li Higher Chinese Tuition

Ms. Li’s Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore is an effective way for students to master the Chinese language, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their Chinese language studies. She provides personalised attention to each student, helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the Chinese language. This personalised attention can help students to focus on specific areas that they need to improve on, and work on them in a targeted and efficient way.

The curriculum at Ms Li Higher Chinese Tuition is designed to help students build a strong foundation in the language and progress at their own pace. With 16 years of experience, Ms. Li has gained insights into the common difficulties that students face when learning Chinese. She has developed strategies to help students overcome these challenges. Her knowledge of the Chinese language intricacies enable her to provide in-depth explanations of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, helping students to develop a strong foundation in the language.

Ms SY Higher Chinese Tuition Centre

With its specialised focus on Secondary Level Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore, Miss SY Wang Chinese Distinctions Learning Studio provides a high-quality learning experience for students who are looking to improve their Chinese language proficiency. Miss SY Wang provides students with ample opportunities to practise their language skills through a variety of exercises and activities, including oral and written exercises, mock exams, and interactive games. Through these activities, students can build their confidence and develop their language proficiency.

Being effectively bilingual, Miss SY Wang’s proficiency in both English and Chinese enable her to offer a more comprehensive and well-rounded education. She can integrate both English and Chinese language and culture into her lessons, providing students in Singapore with a deeper understanding of both languages and cultures. Furthermore, Miss SY Wang’s bilingualism allows her to provide English-language explanations for certain Chinese-language concepts or to clarify any misunderstandings that students may have.

EduZ Tuition

EduZ Tuition is among the top rated Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Its high rating is an indication of its commitment to providing quality education to its students, helping them to achieve their academic goals in Chinese language and beyond. As a highly-rated tuition centre, EduZ Tuition have experienced and qualified teachers. They use a variety of teaching methods and resources to engage students and facilitate learning, including multimedia resources, interactive discussions, and personalised attention to students.

By waiving registration and material fees, it makes Chinese tuition in Singapore more accessible and affordable for students with limited financial resources. With a small class size, teachers can provide sufficient attention to each student, which facilitates personalised instruction. The use of digital whiteboards in teaching provides a more interactive learning experience for students. They can view every page through the tablets provided by the centre, which can enhance their learning experience and make it easier for them to follow along with the lesson.

Tien Hsia Language School

Tien Hsia Language School is a MOE (Ministry Of Education) registered school and meets the required standards for language education in Singapore. It offers academic, written, and spoken language skills. Since it is aligned with the local school syllabus and follows MOE guidelines, it ensures its students meet the academic standards required by the Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, the method of teaching is designed to stimulate the senses of hearing, touch, and sight. It provides a more engaging and memorable learning experience for students. It helps them to better retain the material and apply it in their academic and daily lives. Additionally, there are no mixed-level classes and all age groups are taken as distinct and separate. It provides a more personalised learning experience for students.

Chen Higher Chinese Tuition, Singapore

Ms Chen is a bilingual Singaporean teacher with 12 years of teaching experience in Higher Chinese tuition in Singapore. Being bilingual is an advantage for Ms Chen in communicating with students who are more comfortable in English, as she can explain complex Chinese concepts in a way that they can easily understand. Being able to communicate effectively with students can help to create a more supportive and engaging learning environment for students.

Incorporating current affairs, music, movies, and books into the program help to expose children to different aspects of Chinese culture, including history, literature, and the arts. This can broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. Providing children with opportunities to practise their oral and writing skills in a supportive and engaging environment helps to build their confidence and competence in using the language. They also offer students the flexibility to attend classes in-person or online.


Choosing the right Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore can be a daunting task, but there are several factors that you can consider to make an informed decision. Use this guide to make an informed decision that best meets your child’s needs and helps them achieve their language learning goals.

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