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Are you a secondary school student? Do you want to have a grip on the Chinese language? Are tuitions necessary for that grip? If you are an enthusiastic language learner, then your answer should be yes. You can learn the Chinese language from Higher Chinese tuition.

•            If you have an interest in the Chinese language and

•            Chinese is your mother language.

Every primary school children in Singapore have to choose a mother language. It is compulsory to pass the secondary school examinations for the mother tongue language. If you pass the language exam at the secondary level, it would not be necessary to take a language subject at junior college (JC). You can improve your language proficiency in many ways; one of the ways is to attend private tuitions in Singapore.

Private Tuitions Singapore:

Singaporeans, especially parents are obsessed with good grades. This obsession has got them a great outcome. Almost every students in Singapore have tuitions. Either to learn the language or other subjects. That’s the reason why Singapore students are generally better at their studies in the recent years. Tuition culture in Singapore arose in 1992, with the strong demand for additional studies. As language study is compulsory till secondary school, people tend to send their children for private tuitions.

Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is very important in Singapore. And language is compulsory in that examination. It determines which secondary school the child will go. Admissions in high schools depend on grades only and that’s why parents take it very seriously. Research has shown that about 80% of primary and 60% secondary school-going children in Singapore are studying either attending private tuition or group tuition.

Importance of Learning Chinese in Singapore:

70% of Singapore’s population consists of ethnic Chinese. It is essential to learn the Chinese language from a higher Chinese tuition center in Singapore.

•            Many companies of China are working with the increasing demand of Mandarin Chinese spoken employees.

•            More opportunities for children outside of Singapore

•            Can have a better consideration of Chinese culture.

•            Can be able to do business with Chinese ethnics.

History to Understand the Importance of the Chinese language:

Singapore is the home of many ethnicities and cultures. A country where there are four official languages, including Chinese. Moreover, the Chinese language is the 2nd most common language in Singapore. However, the English language is the lingua franca and spoken in a typical household. It is one of the main reason to why Singapore is progressing so well economically during recent years.

The government of Singapore introduced a bilingual education policy in 1966. Two things are that very important

•            To maintain language standards with the rest of the world

•            To teach children their culture and mother language.

The government is trying very hard and has made a system to learn a second language as Learning 2nd language is compulsory. Therefore, they encourage secondary school tuition on top of attending school curriculum.

How to Find Suitable Language Tuition for Secondary Level?

As mentioned in the article earlier, private tuition centers have become a must-go for a child’s bright future. But a new question arises, how will you get to know which tuition center is best for you? First, you have to follow these minor points:

•            Try to find the best tuition near you.

•            Search on the internet and ask others for opinons.

•            Look for reviews of other students learning in the institution.

•            Ask from parents of your child’s friend or your neighbors.

•            Some websites also attach the work of students. This work will also show the experience of the center.

•            Are their methods intuitive enough?

•            Some tuition centers make small groups of students. By doing this, it becomes informal for the teacher to deal with them.

•            Check either they teach language or also bring student interest to know the culture.

Besides all the above points, learning a new language is always knowledgeable and beneficial. That’s why choose wisely and enroll your child in trusted tuition centre without hesitation.

Why are Tuitions Important?

Tuition classes plays an important role in a student’s academic performance. Parents spend a lot of time and effort on the studies of their children. Schools teachers play their role well, but private tuitions Singapore for learning are also important because:

•            You get personal attention intuitions.

•            It is good to give extra time to learn your cultural language

•            Adoptive learning method for needs and learning demands of each student

•            Great language learning environment

•            Instead of sitting idle or you must go to tuition to learn something

What are the Things to Look out for Before Enrolling in a Tuition Center?

private higher chinese tuition

There are a lot Private Tuition or Tuition Centres Singapore, but what should you look out for before enrolling your child into one?

•            Qualification of the teacher: The teacher must be qualified and effluent in the Chinese language

•            He/ She must have previous experience of teaching the Chinese language.

•            She must know the tips of teaching the Chinese language. It isn’t easy to learn if the student doesn’t have prior knowledge of the Chinese language.

•            The culture of China is glorious and applauded all over the world. Therefore, the teacher must have the know-how of Chinese culture. This helps in building interest in students.

Please choose wisely as it is a matter of the future of your child.

Conclusion: Private tuitions in Singapore are playing a vital role in equipping students with knowledge of the language. By picking up the Chinese language, you learn not only the language but also the heritage and culture of the country China. It is important for students to learn Chinese and to pass GCE ‘O’ Levels for a brighter future. As China is the economic power and learning Chinese can open new horizons.

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