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Learning different languages will always be beneficial for you, no matter which area of the world you live in. It gives you plenty of benefits in one way or another, be it your social or professional life. Mandarin Chinese is among the official languages in Singapore, so learning Chinese in Singapore never goes wrong. The Singaporean government also encourages people to learn Chinese. So, you won’t be hearing it in class only but also in your routine life. 

Do you here for your guide to learning Chinese and private Chinese tuition in Singapore? Well, you won’t be disappointed. Here is your comprehensive guide to learning Chinese through a private Chinese tutor in Singapore. 

Private Higher Chinese Tuition Singapore Chinese Tutor

Singapore is a beautifully diverse country with different cultural groups and languages, having four different languages as official; Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin. Since more than 70% of Singaporeans are of Chinese Descent, Mandarin is commonly used in many households. So, learning Chinese is a way of keeping up with the legacy. 

Singapore Chinese Tuition 

Learning a second language of one’s country helps one stay connected with the culture and heritage of one’s country. This allows people to remain associated with their roots and helps them acquire multiple business and regional opportunities. It is assumed that Chinese would be the following most spoken language in Singapore. So, learning Chinese doesn’t mean learning another language only, but it is the need of the hour. 

Chinese is a very vast and complex language to learn. There are almost 10,000 characters in the Chinese language, but learning a language does not mean being able to read or write them all. In fact, to read a newspaper, you only need to know about 4000 characters. Apart from characters, there are four different types of pronunciations, and each accent carries different meanings. This can be extremely difficult to learn for someone with a basic knowledge of the Chinese language who would prefer professional help to learn and practice the Chinese language. That is the reason there is a rise in Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Apart from school, people rely on tuition to learn Chinese. Such Chinese Tuitions in Singapore provide group and private Chinese tuition in Singapore.

Learn Chinese with a private Chinese tutor in Singapore

Private Chinese tutors provide personalized support to the students outside of the school. The main motive of private Chinese tutors is to teach students according to their potential. The main benefit of a private Chinese tuition is that you can choose someone that connects with the student and can be adapted to a student’s learning level. You usually do not have this opportunity of choosing teacher in school, so you can match a tutor who will teach more effectively and in whom someone can find a mentor.  

A private Chinese tutor can benefit you in the following ways throughout your learning process;

Tailored Teaching Techniques

A private Chinese tutor offers you one-to-one learning sessions where the only focus is on you and your needs regarding learning Chinese. They are innovative in their teaching techniques, and they alter the course so that the learners can learn Chinese at their own pace. They make sure that the learning is according to the learner’s requirements and as per his learning level. They convey a tailored lesson that engages the learner and not just another subject they are forced to learn.

Coherent learning

Private Chinese tuition does not help people speak Chinese with proficiency only but also enables them to read and write the language. This introduces students to coherent learning and covers overall prospects in social and professional life where they are in demand for the Chinese language. 

Boost conversational skills

Learning a language does not mean speaking, writing, or reading in that language only, but most importantly, it helps you enhance your conversational skills. So, a private Chinese tutor enables you to practice your knowledge because you can only learn a language if you keep speaking the language more often in your routine life. So, you can practice your Chinese vocabulary during private Chinese tuition and enhance your conversational skills. A private Chinese tutor can only help you through this as you can have the undivided attention of your tutor, and your tutor will be there to correct you immediately when you make any mistake.

Elevate confidence

As mentioned above, Chinese is very complex and hard to learn. So, most students come with a lot of pressure on them. They have a mind-block about the language, and they do not feel engaged or connected to the subject and think as if they are forced to learn this language. A private Chinese tutor helps students boost their confidence and starts from more straightforward concepts to complex ones. They simplify things for the students to find the subject relatable and exciting.

Chinese tuition in Singapore is at its peak as the beginner students want to learn and excel at the language while the ones who are better at it like to learn to stay ahead in the competition. Even foreigners seek Chinese tuition platforms in Singapore as it would open doors of opportunities for them not in Singapore but worldwide. 

If you are also searching for a Private Chinese tutor in Singapore, Ms. Li Higher Chinese Tuition would be your ultimate solution. Ms. Li is a professional and highly qualified private tutor in Singapore. Discuss your needs and demands and get to know what she can offer.


No matter which learning method you avail yourself of, learning Mandarin can benefit you in many ways being a Singaporean. So, if you live in Singapore, you can learn Chinese if you do not know or somehow forget about it. Private Chinese tuitions in Singapore play a crucial role in equipping students with language knowledge. By picking up the Chinese language, you learn the language and keep up with the legacy by sticking to your heritage.

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