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Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience tutoring Chinese lessons, you’ll find yourself accompanied by many students with different profiles and expectations. However, most students prefer private Chinese tuition in Singapore since it allows individual attention to advance quickly and effectively.

As a private tutor, the first lesson with a student is crucial for establishing the groundwork for a long-term relationship and determining the course of action for subsequent sessions. Ms. Li’s Private Higher Chinese Tuition is the most knowledgeable institution about this matter. Ms. Li is aware that providing private Chinese tuition in Singapore calls for a different approach, one in which the primary goals are to develop a connection with the student and to earn their trust.

However, every student who has ever considered hiring a private tutor has pondered the question of how a potential private tutor prepares for their Chinese lessons. For this reason, some preparations that Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition emphasized while providing private Chinese tuition in Singapore.

  • Develop A Solid Lesson Plan Based On The Student Aims:

A private tutor begins their Chinese lessons by evaluating the student’s current knowledge and goals. Therefore, Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition develops a solid lesson plan detailing how to organize the time together with the student and the educational objectives the student hopes to achieve. Ms. Li encourages students to share their thoughts on the topic to evaluate their level of understanding.

  • Prepare The Materials. Then, Double-Check:

A private Chinese tutor needs to be well prepared for each class. They must have backup options in case plan A does not work out. They must provide materials like books, laptops, songs, or games. 

Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition uses quality materials. This means Ms. Li compiles a list of materials for writing, structuring, and providing concrete demonstrations of any theoretical calculations. She goes above and beyond as a private tutor by making the learning process more engaging for the students, giving access to additional materials, and using the latest technology.

  • Teach Something New:

The world of tutoring is constantly evolving, just like every other business, and modern-day tutors need to keep up with these changes so that they do not fall behind. To do so, a private Chinese tutor must include something new in each lesson.

Ms Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition Singapore

For this reason,  Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition presents unique activities to keep the students interested throughout the lesson. Ms. Li employs visual aids such as diagrams or notes the students may take home with them and sometimes other multimedia tools. 

  • Acknowledge Student’s Efforts:

Praising the student is an integral part of tutoring and is often neglected. You’d be surprised how often tutors overlook this element. Every private tutor must acknowledge the efforts of their student. They must appreciate their students for how much they have improved. Let them know that the work they are doing is outstanding. Reassure them that they have every reason to be proud of their achievements.

Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition is well aware that acknowledging and praising the students will give them positive reinforcement that builds on success, inspires them to study, and boosts their involvement in class.

  • Make The Student Feel Confident:

One of the most valuable lessons that a private tutor can provide to their students is to help them develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Students who feel good about themselves tend to do well in learning. Confidence breeds success.

Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition believes that every student is unique. Therefore, Ms. Li help her students become more self-confident by conversing with them. She gives students work that stretches them intellectually, forcing them to think at a deeper level or to think outside the box. Doing so implies that she believes in her student’s ability to complete the work at hand. As a result, they feel more confident in themselves. 

  • Have Some Fun!

Students learn better and more quickly in a fun learning atmosphere. That is why competent tutors always have a fun activity in mind for their students. They think of ways to make the Chinese lesson more effective for the student.

 Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition incorporates fun activities such as games, role plays, mindmaps, films, podcasts, and listening exercises that test students’ knowledge. Ms. Li encourages her students to express their unique selves freely during the sessions. She ensures that Chinese lessons’ homework, activities, and projects always involve creative thinking. This is because their creativity is a big part of who they are, so when she motivates them to express it, she is letting them be an authentic version of themselves.


There is considerable demand for Chinese Tuition in Singapore, which has led to a high level of competitiveness. So any person who works as a private tutor has to take full responsibility and improve their degree of expertise. Therefore, Ms. Li Private Higher Chinese Tuition continues to work on enhancing itself as well as its educational program.

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