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Learning a language is a proven way to improve cognitive skills and personality. It has enormous benefits that can help you in the long run. Learning the Chinese language has a growing demand due to various reasons. China, the new emerging power, is bringing more business opportunities. This has attracted attention towards learning the Chinese language, especially Mandarin. Due to learning demand, different Chinese language experts are offering private Chinese tuitions in Singapore. You can find many compatible Chinese tuition academies for in-depth learning of the language. 

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About the Chinese Language:

To make up your mind for learning a whole new language can be difficult. But let’s ignite your motivation to remember these interesting facts. 

  • Chinese is not just Mandarin:

Mandarin pops up in our minds when we think of learning the Chinese language. It is not the only type of Chinese language. In China, there are around 300 Chinese dialects spoken. Although with time, some languages or dialects have decreased, and Mandarin has gained popularity even at the international level. The word Mandarin is originated from the Sanskrit word mantarin, meaning minister. The other forms of the Chinese language are Jin, Wu, Hui, Gan, Xiang, Hakka, and Yue. 

  • It is a Pictorial Language:

The Chinese language is the only pictorial language used in today’s time. In ancient times, Egypt had a visual language. We have seen it in various movies, symbols on walls or pyramids of ancient Egypt. It seems pretty cool to see decoding the language. But the Chinese language cannot be translated until you learn the basics. 

  • Alphabets and Characters of the Chinese language:

Guess what? You don’t have to learn Chinese alphabets because there are no Chinese alphabets! The language is known through the use of Pinyin. Pinyin helps to transcribe characters for easy pronunciation. There are more than 50,000 characters in the Chinese language, but the good news is that you do not have to learn all of them. A private Chinese tutor in Singapore will make you know vital 20,000 characters because it is enough to master the primary language. Another interesting fact is that a new character is added to the existing list of 50,000 characters every year!

  • Two Types of Chinese Characters:

Chinese characters are of two sets. One is the traditional characters that were used in early times. The other type is Simplified characters which are modern-version for easy learning. The written language requires different strokes, used more in traditional characters and less in simplified characters. Your private Chinese tutor in Singapore will teach you the easy way. 

  • Chinese Characters can be Broken down:

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Chinese characters can be broken down into simpler components for ease of learning, called radicals. You can practice these radicals with your private Chinese tutor to better understand the characters. 

  • A Tone can change the meaning:

Chinese is a tonal language. Different tones or pitches of the same character will change its meaning. There are four types of styles. It includes higher pitch, lower pitch, lower pitch rising to a higher pitch, and higher pitch coming down to a lower pitch. Private Chinese tuition helps students to learn these different tones quickly. 

  • A Character of 57 Strokes:

The most difficult word in the Chinese language is Biang. It is a character with 57 strokes written twice. Let’s hope your Private Chinese tutor forgets to make you write this unofficial character. 

  • Different Calligraphy Styles:

Calligraphy is soothing to the eyes. It is an artistic way of writing. The Chinese language has five different calligraphy styles. Each style represents Chinese art. These styles are formal script, running script, cursive hand, official script, and seal character. Seal character style is most popular. 

  • Chinese Grammar is Different:

There are no gender words, articles, plurals, or verb inflections in the Chinese language. This is something different than English language grammar. 

  • The Chinese language is proven to Sharpen mind:

On top of all the other facts, the fascinating feature about learning Chinese is improved cognitive abilities. It is a brainy thing to do. Your brain will work harder to memorize and understand a new language. In doing so, brain capacity will increase. Your brain will translate Chinese words into your mother tongue, resulting in more focus and mental strength. 

Are You Ready to Learn?

Learning the Chinese language can give you an edge over others. You will know more about Chinese culture, traditions, and values. It will also help you with a more vital understanding of your language. You can connect emotionally with Chinese culture. Also, you can get exceptional career opportunities. 

To be fluent in the language, consider private Chinese tuitions. You can find various language institutes and private Chinese tutors to enable you to master the language. In Singapore, learning the Chinese language is in demand which is increasing. With the exceptional benefits of the language, when are you hiring your private Chinese tutor? 


The Chinese language has linguistic diversity. The facts mentioned earlier can ignite your interest in learning the language. The Chinese language experts have realized the difficulty faced by beginners. The simplified characters and new learning methods are helpful in the learning process. There are many ways of learning. You can find many tips and lessons online or go for a private Chinese tutor. It can take time to learn the language. But it will not go to waste. Happy learning! 

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