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Learning a language can be a challenging yet exciting phase of your life. Do you want to take Chinese Tuition in Singapore? Are you confused about whether you should take Private Chinese Tuition in Singapore or not? If yes, then here’s your guide.

Learning a language not only improves your skills of thinking and reasoning but also improves your personality. Learning the Chinese language can also be valuable in multiple other ways. China is a newly emerging power, providing many business opportunities. So, every day, more and more people are willing to learn the Chinese language in Singapore. 

Various Chinese language experts are offering Chinese Tuition in Singapore. However, many people find it hard to choose a Chinese Tutor worth their time and money. As private Chinese Tuition is a bit more costly than group Lessons, people are confused about whether private Chinese Tuition in Singapore is worth it or not.

If you also have this confusion, then in this blog, you will get to know the top benefits of taking private Chinese Tuition in Singapore;

A gateway to faster progress

The private lessons are one-to-one tuition lessons between you and your tutor. So, the full attention of your tutor would be on you and your performance. It enables you to cover so many things in just a single lesson. Private Tuition is the perfect way to learn the Chinese language fast. 

You can set your goals better

Private lessons would be perfect if you have particular goals. You can freely discuss your goals with the tutor. You can decide what you want from the lessons. It will help you to achieve your goals more efficiently. In Private tuition lessons, you are in charge. You will decide whether you want to do conversational practice, learn grammar structures, or want to learn DIY phrases.

You can learn to pursue a particular purpose

A private Chinese Tutor in Singapore would be the best choice if you want to learn Chinese for a specific purpose. Private Chinese lessons are valuable if you go to China for studies, business purposes, or shift to China. So, you can ask your tutor to develop the lessons that meet the purpose you are learning for.

Customized curriculum and material

With private Chinese Tuition, you can learn what is important for you as every person is different. So, a private Chinese tutor devises a tailored learning program for you to meet your goals more efficiently. You are free to design your course along with your tutor. So, you will get a learning program that perfectly suits your needs and learning abilities.

Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere

Some private Chinese tutors in Singapore also offer online lessons. So, there is no need for any specific learning venue. You can learn Chinese anywhere. It also helps you in learning at flexible times. Further, you can avail learning material online, and no need to spend extra money on different notes required for learning. 

You can learn Chinese at your own pace.

Private Chinese Tuition helps you to learn the language at your own pace. You can easily schedule your lessons according to the place and time of your choice. Someday, you might have a busy schedule, much work in the office, or travel a lot. So, a private Chinese Tutor can vary the time of lessons day to day or even week to week.

Additionally, you can also learn easier topics first and then move to the trickier ones. It will help you move faster to spend a long time on tough topics.

You can have the full attention of your tutor

During private lessons, there is no chance of mixing your abilities and skills with a bunch of people. So, you will get the complete attention of your tutor. It will help to polish your skills more efficiently. In group lessons, you might be reluctant to participate because of shyness or fear of insult. So, you cannot get much out of the lessons. It does not help you in any way. Thus, during private lessons, you do not feel intimidated by anyone. 

You pay for only those lessons that you take.

In private lessons, you only pay as you learn. You do not have to pay much money in advance. So, when you are not in the position of taking your class, you do not pay for it. However, if you enroll in an evening class to learn Chinese, you pay in advance for the whole month or even for the entire course. 

How long should a lesson be while taking private Chinese Tuition in Singapore?

It all depends upon your goals, the purpose for which you are learning, and your current approach towards the language. Further, it also depends on your tutor how much time he can give you daily. However, an ideal private Chinese lesson should be 1 to 2 hours a day. 

Is private Chinese Tuition in Singapore better than Group Chinese tuition?

Private Chinese Tuition is the best way to master the language compared to group Chinese lessons. In Group tuition, the tutor’s attention divides between a bunch of people, and you can’t discuss your goals freely with the tutor. Further, you can not learn at your own pace. There is much pressure on you during Chinese group lessons as you have to proceed with the entire class. So, you do not gain much from the lessons. 

Well, if you are also struggling to find a Chinese tutor in Singapore. In that case, you will not find a more promising tutor than Ms. Li Higher Chinese Tuition centre in Singapore. No matter for which motive you are learning the Chinese language, Ms. Li never disappoints her students. She has experience of 16 years in teaching. She has majored in the Chinese language and offers Chinese Tuition in Singapore by using proprietary teaching methods and materials. 

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