Learning an additional language can only positively affect different aspects of your life. Although many people are looking into the English language, the Chinese language is gaining more importance worldwide.

The fact that Chinese is a language that differs greatly from other languages ​​in terms of spoken and written forms further attracts people to study it. Of course, there are also other reasons to invest in learning this surprising language starting with Ms Li (Li Lao Shi) Private Higher Chinese Tuition Singapore.

The top reasons to learn Chinese

Ms Li (Li Lao Shi) Private Higher Chinese Tuition

If you want your CV to have the edge over the others, then you should learn Chinese. Because? Well, the Chinese economy is currently the second largest in the world and looks set to hit the top spot in about ten years. This results in a disproportionate number of business transactions taking place in Mandarin and in a large number of companies wishing to do business with China or work with Chinese companies. Plus, what could be better than exploring one of the world’s most extraordinary and enigmatic cultures through its language, perhaps visiting the country with a study abroad program?

Read on to discover the top reasons to learn Chinese and improve your CV!

China’s economy is booming.

China boasts the second-largest global economy by GDP, and its extraordinary growth is set to soar: China is estimated to become the world’s largest economy by 2032 and was also the only major economy to report positive growth in 2020. Furthermore, the country is opening up to international business and consolidating its status as a commercial hub, leading to a disproportionate demand for Chinese language and culture experts. With a good knowledge of Mandarin and a solid cultural understanding of operating in a Chinese context, you will certainly be at an advantage over other candidates for a job. After all, so does Mark Zuckerberg thinks speaking Mandarin is important for promoting your company in China!

Learning Chinese makes you smarter.

Studies have shown that Chinese speakers use both hemispheres of the brain, while most other speakers use only the left hemisphere. By choosing to learn Chinese and expanding your CV, you will not only show employers that you have the required language skills but also that you are intelligent! Learning Chinese isn’t easy, but it will give your brain a great workout. Of course, though, there are countless other benefits to being bilingual or multilingual, including better problem-solving and multitasking skills – both highly valued by employers!

Learn a language spoken by over 1.2 billion people

More than 1/4th of the world’s population speaks Chinese, which is a lot of people you can connect with by learning this beautiful language! Chinese is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations and is also the official language of six countries, including major international trade centers such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese diaspora has also led to the emergence of interesting Chinese-speaking communities around the world. In addition, given its extraordinary economic power and the growing number of Chinese companies operating globally, there are endless opportunities to work with Chinese companies and suppliers in every corner of the planet.

Working with the best Chinese companies around the world

The opportunities to work with the best Chinese companies in every corner of the planet are constantly growing. While in 2008, the Fortune Global 500 list only counted 29 Chinese companies, in 2020, the number has risen to 124! Five of the Chinese companies presented in 2020 are tech giants, including the giant Huawei. These companies continue to open offices and branches in markets around the world and are always looking for qualified personnel who can demonstrate a good knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. By including Mandarin in your CV, you could be one of them!

Stimulate your brain

Learning a foreign language develops one’s intellect and prevents certain mental illnesses, the best known of which is Alzheimer’s. According to research done in the United States, people who speak several languages ​​are less affected by this disease. It also helps to improve his memory.

The Chinese language is a tonal language, which means that one must learn the different tones and meanings of a word before using it correctly. It is a tonal language that works in both hemispheres of the brain. It also turns out that those who master more than one language are multitasking and better organized. Learning this language is more complex than other languages ​​, but it is worth it.

Discover Chinese culture

Mastering this language allows you to discover cultural riches that are completely different from ours. Since the Chinese language is entirely rooted in its culture, it is impossible to learn this language without immersing yourself in Chinese culture. The climate, the food, the traditions, the politeness, the way of thinking, etc., everything is different in China.

You will access both a rich heritage and a vast country. Chinese culture, through its language, also allows you to learn about the civilization of the entire Far East. Thanks to your Chinese teacher, you can discover Chinese cuisine, Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine, Chinese philosophy, Chinese religions, work ethics, etc.

Boost your professional career

Career advancement is the most common reason many people want to learn Chinese. In the job market, knowledge of this language is a major asset. In addition, China is a world economic power that is experiencing spectacular development.

So opportunities open up for a better career. Since China has become one of the most influential countries when it comes to business, employers’ demand for fluency in the language has steadily increased.

China’s openness to Western countries, such as the United States, is also growing more and more, which is a great boon for possible work opportunities. Chinese bilinguals are highly sought after by international companies these days.

Learning Chinese changes the way you see the world

 Learning Chinese is not only learning a language but immersing yourself completely in its culture to be able to better understand and speak it.

Thanks to Chinese, you will become familiar with a new culture, another way of life, and a whole new system of thought, whether from the point of view of language or culture.

First of all, the language will allow you to get out of your usual way of thinking and will push you to see things differently in order to retain words that have basically no similarity with what you already know.

Then, being in contact with people so different from us culturally changes our way of seeing things and allows us to better understand cultural differences.

Speaking Chinese is bound to help you change your view of others and the world, which will make you more open and understanding. With all these reasons, and surely there are still others, take the plunge and take charge of your future! To begin, it is advised to take Chinese Language Tuition to learn the basics.

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