Private Higher Chinese Tuition for Secondary School

China is the world’s second-largest economy, and its exponential growth of the economy has necessitated people from all over the world to start learning Chinese. Singapore is a multi-racial country with bilingual education system and Chinese Language is one of the compulsory language for Chinese students. 

Apart from English, Chinese is now considered an essential language globally because of its increase in presence in the business world. Parents in Singapore are realising the importance of mastering the Chinese language and it has become more than necessary for their child to have private Chinese tuition. For better opportunities in the business world, one must master the Chinese language.

Until now, the English language played an essential part in turning Singapore into the worldwide hub of finance and trade, especially when the US and Europe dominated the economic and political landscape. Tourism, business, and banking all prospered as Singapore positioned itself as an international foreigner-friendly country.

Improving, mastering or even picking up Chinese language is perhaps the best way to open doors to many business opportunities, especially in China. There are many ways to improve your level of understanding the Chinese language and one of the fastest way is to engage private Chinese tuition Singapore with a qualified teacher. These classes are conducted to enhance the language skills of their students. Read below for more tips on improving your Chinese language.

  • Reading 

You can start reading more Chinese books, begin reading out loud as you go through the lessons. One of the excellent ways to develop your Chinese language is to improve your vocabulary. Reading is the best method to improve vocabulary. You can also listen to the recordings and speak along to ensure you are pronouncing the words correctly.

Reading is also remarkable way to pick up different writing styles and expand vocabulary. Read it slowly and make sure you understand the context fully. Highlight good words and sentences will help to improve your understanding of the language.

  • Mastering Tones

Chinese is a tonal language. Tone refers to the variation in speech. Chinese contains many characters with similar forms with different meanings, which are influenced by the tone they carry. Learning these tones will help you, as a second learner, to quickly familiarize yourself with the language and make you a professional in the end.

  • Listening to Chinese songs.

Apart from having private Chinese tuition, listen to Chinese songs because immersing yourself in a language is one of the best methods to improving your language skills. Music is an essential part of any culture/language. Song lyrics usually contain uncommon phrases and words that are more poetic than everyday speech; thus, listening to music can improve your vocabulary. Singers generally pronounce words more clearly than people generally speaking. If you memorize some songs, learning the pronunciation will also be easy.

  • Learning Sentence Order

Whenever we speak of knowledge points, grammar is the one thing that comes to our minds. The good thing is that Chinese grammar is not as complex as you think; you don’t need to change the gender and tense in Chinese, unlike in other languages. Assuming English speakers as an example, you should know the difference between Chinese and English first; it will give you a better overview of the target language.

  • Making Chinese Friends

If you do not have friends who speak Chinese, making one should be one of your utmost priorities. You can make a friend from your private Chinese tuition classes who is better than you in Chinese, having someone who can speak Chinese well can help you communicate better in Chinese and, also, be able to correct the errors you make when you talk to them.

  • Writing

Writing is one of the hardest things to do, but you can become a professional writer in no time with consistent writing. Relating each Chinese language you learned can expose you to new things you didn’t know before and help you attain new knowledge in the process.


These are the top tips to improve your Chinese language besides joining Private Chinese tuition. Joining classes will help you improve your Chinese language skills effectively. It is essential to know that your language is not something that is going to improve overnight. It requires consistent dedication and practice. If you apply the above-stated tips in your study, it is guaranteed that it will pay off.

The most important thing for improving the Chinese language is to build vocabulary and write hieroglyphs and learning new words. Don’t forget to practice pronunciation and find friends interested in learning with you; join Private Chinese tuition together to improve the Chinese language.

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