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Chinese Tuition – Knowing Chinese means opening up to a world full of new professional opportunities and getting to know a country rich in history, culture, and traditions directly.

Learning Chinese is often seen as one of the most profitable investments with endless practical applications. Nothing more true! Chinese is gradually and for obvious reasons establishing itself as a language of primary importance in the most varied fields: business, commerce, productive activities, art, tourism, etc. In fact, it is a language that many today try to approach: from students to professionals, from traders to workers in general, all attracted by the idea of ​​securing new opportunities for the future.

Knowing Mandarin Chinese means having an advantage that can also give a new twist to professional opportunities. Let’s see why.

Why learning Chinese is good for your future.

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Learning Chinese can make you discover incredible places and offer you unsuspected opportunities and experiences. Here are the reasons why speaking Chinese in 2022 will make a difference and allow you to have a definite advantage, whether professionally or personally.

So why learn Chinese? Let’s explore!

Because it is the most widely spoken language in the world

Chinese is the first language in the world the number of native speakers, which number around one billion and 200 million people – of which one billion is composed only of people who speak Putonghua (Mandarin). It is a truly mind-boggling number that really says so much about the interconnections and job opportunities that can be grasped by learning the basics of this language. Communicating with people in their native language gives an added value that is difficult to replicate. Learning Chinese makes it possible to personally and professionally reach a very high number of people and companies.

The Chinese economic market is a hotbed of opportunity

Did you know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has started learning Chinese? It may be because it is the language of origin of his wife’s family, but something tells us that he also did it to seize the business opportunities offered by this large market in time.

Cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are now considered among the most economically important cities in the world, and China is, at present, the second most important economy in the world after the United States. All the more reasons to acquire the right tools that allow you to interface directly with this increasingly rich market!

Chinese keeps their mind trained.

Chinese is not written with phonetic transcription but with characters, which each correspond to a syllable and a unit of meaning, a bit like our numbers!

This writing helps to develop your artistic side, so much so that calligraphy is China’s most renowned art form. But not only that: learning the characters, besides being fun, also helps enormously to develop our mental performance.

Learning Chinese is not as difficult as you think.

If you are rightly convinced of the advantages of investing in Chinese, also know that this language is not as difficult as you think! Chinese grammar is, in fact, much simpler than English: throw conjugations, tenses, masculine and feminine into oblivion. None of this exists in the Chinese language, and learning the basics of speaking is very easy. The characters used in the vast majority of conversations are also far fewer than you think: of the total 85,000 characters, only 3,500 are commonly used.

Dealing with dyslexia

Being dyslexic in no way prevents learning Chinese. Indeed, Chinese does not use separate letters or sounds to form a word but characters that represent the word or the complete idea. Thus, the majority of dyslexics can learn Chinese without any difficulty.

Have a competitive advantage in the job market

In addition to English, which is the universal language, Chinese is increasingly in demand by companies. It will allow you to have an asset on the labor market in order to communicate with China, the world’s leading economic power, or anywhere else. Speaking Chinese is also proof of open-mindedness that may impress your future boss during an interview.

Improve your brain capacity

Chinese is described as a tonal language that activates two hemispheres of the brain. During the learning of a new language, the brain improves its capacities by carrying out several tasks at the same time. Speaking several languages ​​allows a person to be better organized and maintains memory, and this is at any age!

Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

According to American studies, people who speak several languages ​​are less affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Learning a new language can also delay the symptoms of the disease by 4 years!

Expand your entourage

Speaking Chinese will allow you to meet more people and thus expand your circle of friends, for example. Chinese being the most spoken language in the world, you will inevitably meet people who speak Chinese who will be, just like you, curious to discover more about your universe.

Eradicate received ideas of the Chinese language

Chinese is often described as a difficult language to learn. Well, know that this is false! When you start Chinese Tuition, you quickly become able to express yourself in everyday life situations. Indeed, Chinese does not have grammatical agreements or conjugations. Learning Chinese is no more complicated than any other language; you need to be willing!

Avoid getting scammed in China.

As explained above, a beginner in Chinese is able to get by in everyday situations. You will be able to negotiate the price of your souvenirs purchased in China without being ripped off. Indeed, even if many Chinese people speak English, the remote areas of the big cities generally only speak Chinese. This will be the opportunity to exchange in Chinese and to prove that you are not a simple tourist!

Improve your artistic side

Writing Chinese requires dexterity and imagination. Chinese signs allow you to associate a word with an object, thanks to its shape. Mastering Chinese calligraphy will allow you to improve your artistic side and bring a playful side to your learning! Do you want to learn this wonderful language? Get yourself enrolled in Ms Li (Li Lao Shi) Private Higher Chinese Tuition Singapore.

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